Buffet Menu

Australian Seafood Display

Fresh, seasonal seafood which includes Sydney rock oysters, crab claws, tiger prawns and more.

Cold display and Salad Bar

A selection of fresh, seasonal salads including Caesar, mixed leaf, pasta, pearl cous cous with roast vegetables, potato salad and more.

Cold smoked meats
Salami, saucisson, coppa, mortadella.

Pickled herring, smoked mussels, baby octopus, smoked salmon.

Sushi and Sashimi

Freshly made Nigiri, Californian rolls, avocado rolls, sashimi, temaki.


New soup specials weekly including pea and ham, chicken noodle, minestrone and more.

Cheese And Breads

Showcasing a selection of handpicked cheeses from across the world served with crusty bread rolls, baguettes, lavosh and crackers.

Robata grill (Dinner only)

Robatayaki, often shortened to Robata is a method of cooking similar to a barbecue in which meats and vegetables are cooked over hot coals. Meats cooked to order include kangaroo, chicken, beef flank, skirt steak and more.

Beech oven

Freshly baked Pizzas on a large selection of bases and toppings. All made to order, cooked in our Beech Oven on hot stone. From chicken and chorizo on sun-dried tomato base, smoked salmon with caper and Spanish onion on black ash base, to vegetarian on pea and spinach base and more.

Fresh pasta

Pasta cooked to order with your choice of fresh ingredients.


The Tandoor is a large metal or clay oven, traditionally used in Southern, Central and Western Asia. Observe our talented Chefs kneading, and then baking fresh naan in our Tandoor oven with your choice of filling. Pair with steamy butter chicken, beef masala, tomato biryani and more.

Asian Woks and noodles

Flame-fried vegetables, seafood, meat, and noodles, tossed with authentic Chinese sauces. Freshly made dim sum, Singapore noodles, honey soy chicken and more.


A selection of meats off the rotisserie including pork belly, roast chicken and more.

Dessert station

An extravagant white and milk chocolate fountain along with over twenty dessert options including black forest cake, saint honoré, individual desserts, gelato station, bread and butter pudding, and more.

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